How cool is that?! Robert Kosik and Seyhan Tas from dedicated two whole double pages to our nature-boy and our Fruchtbrumme in the first issue (October 2020) of their new gin magazine "GINmag". In the form of an interview you will learn all about the background of the two types of gin, the founding of Manukat, what moves us, what is important to us and how the brand should continue.

You want to read the complete interview?

Then download the GINmag as a free PDF directly from You will find the button directly on the start page. Besides our very detailed and very representative article on pages 70 to 73, there is more to discover about other gins, cocktail recommendations and tonic presentations. Very exciting is also the app presentation of " - the whole world of gin as app" with the promise that "everybody will find his perfect serve" there. The Manukat Gin is of course also represented there and can be rated by you. But we will also report in more detail.

If you only want to read the Manukat article, here is the direct link to the interview on the website.

We hope you enjoy reading and browsing through the GINmags. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about us, click on "About us" now and get to know the founders behind Manukat even better. Under "Our Manukat Promise" we also explain once again the three pillars on which our business philosophy is based: Sustainability. Transparent. Fair.

Who or what is is not only a classic gin store, but you will also find a large selection of tonics and accessories for your perfect gin experience. Three times a year the team of publishes their newly created GINmag for free. You can look forward to lots of information about new releases, tips and tricks of the gin world. We definitely are and will continue to follow the GINmag.

Thanks a lot

A big thank you cannot be missing of course. The cooperation with Robert and Seyhan was great fun and we would like to thank them for this great contribution and the inclusion of our premium gift box in the store.

Photos:, GINmag

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